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SS194 Scene 1 Medium
Added 26 days ago    163 views

Medium angle only. Puerto Rican beauty Angie makes her debut, and she's funny, feisty, sarcastic... and more than a little annoyed that we keep throwing pies at her! [Awesome debut! Pie-heavy scene w/all types, plus Angie with stellar reactions thr...
SS194 Scene 3 Medium
Added 26 days ago    149 views

Medium angle only. Angie mocks our 'Clumsy Girl' skit by absolutely clobbering herself with 2 cakes and lots of all real pies. (Including a lot of chocolate!) She even covers herself w/sticky Brazil pies before getting a looong green sliming to clos...
SS194 Scene 1 Closeup
Added 26 days ago    340 views

120.5 MB
Closeup angle only. Puerto Rican beauty Angie makes her debut, and she's funny, feisty, sarcastic... and more than a little annoyed that we keep throwing pies at her! [Awesome debut! Pie-heavy scene w/all types, plus Angie with stellar reactions th...
SS194 Scene 2 Medium
Added 26 days ago    153 views

Medium angle only. Angie shows off her amazing bod in a tiny bikini... and her messy skills by smashing herself with three cakes and 10 real pies! Super sexy scene thanks to her crazy enthusiasm... and some amazing pie/cake coverage!
SS194 Scene 1 Wide
Added 26 days ago    183 views

Wide angle only. Puerto Rican beauty Angie makes her debut, and she's funny, feisty, sarcastic... and more than a little annoyed that we keep throwing pies at her! [Awesome debut! Pie-heavy scene w/all types, plus Angie with stellar reactions throu...
SS01 Scene 3
Added 11/16/09    287 views

Vaudeville Liz discusses the Types Of Pies. An idea that will be used over and over again. [Yep this is the first one. Liz shows some cleavage and halfway-decent slapstick acting! Still unedited and I needed to center the camera better.]
SS01 Scene 5
Added 11/17/09    158 views

Returning a bad pie to Liz's bakery turns out to be easier than it sounds. And messier too! [One of the better early scenes. Short but funny. Unedited. Great Liz self-pies. warning: Liz and Rich pie each other at the end. Good times!]
SS02 Scene 1
Added 11/21/09    95 views

The most popular of our 'original' models makes her first appearance! Tracy attempts to order dessert with disastrous consequences. Go figure. [Unedited scene. Big gloppy pies. Tracy laughs and comments throughout.]
SS02 Scene 2
Added 11/21/09    108 views

A classic SlapstickStuff skit. This is probably one of the best early versions of 'Types Of Pies' and Tracy's enthusiasm is undoubtably the reason I kept this skit going afterwards! [Unedited scene. Big gloppy pies. lots of funny Tracy comments.]
SS02 Scene 3
Added 11/21/09    109 views

Baker Tracy can't find anything wrong with her crappy pies. Except the fact they splatter all over her. [Unedited scene. This one moves quicker though. Nice pie coverage.]
SS02 Scene 4
Added 11/21/09    140 views

Tracy tries to recreate the 'sock it to me' gag from Laugh-In but Rich keeps confusing water with pies. Stupid Rich. [Unedited scene. Nice back-and-forth between pie hits and water drenchings. Tracy in a bikini!]
SS02 Scene 5
Added 11/21/09    114 views

n a bit of dramatic foreshadowing Nick gets fed up with Jessica and pies the tar out of her. [Unedited. Funny scene despite (or because of) the fact that Tracy looks nothing like Jessica Simpson. Great pies. Great bad acting.]
SS03 Scene 5
Added 11/22/09    136 views

finally a model gets revenge on Rich. I for one couldn't be happier. [Our first coed scene for fans of that. Both Rich and Kathleen give and take equally. Improvised and pretty hilarious. Unedited scene.]
SS06 Scene 2
Added 12/26/09    55 views

Jenny takes her stab at detailing the Types Of Pies and gets well clobbered for her efforts. [A good version of this skit with funny reactions and some really splatty pies!]
SS06 Scene 3
Added 12/26/09    81 views

The Cream Pie Maniac wrecks havoc in the Sixties in this shagadelic episode. Not an Austin Powers rip off at all! [Lots of good pie gags including self pies. Gotta love that short dress too.]
SS06 Scene 4
Added 12/26/09    133 views

Our favorite cheerleader tries to improve school spirit by getting clobbered with pies. Then she 'brings it on.' More pies that is. [Short but funny skit with some really gooey runny pies at the end.]
SS06 Scene 5
Added 12/26/09    144 views

Our first slime scene ever! It's like history. Or something. [Please note that this slime is much more 'watery' than usual and is more similar to British style gunge. Scene is also unedited and contains some water and pie gags.]
SS08 Scene 1
Added 12/28/09    162 views

Liz returns to SlapstickStuff for a second shoot and remembers how much fun it is to get pied over and over. [Many different pies including whipped cream chocolate lemon and shaving cream!]
SS08 Scene 3
Added 12/28/09    90 views

An airline stewardess warns passengers of potential cream pie hazards aboard the flight and winds up getting pied many times herself. Irony! [Over 20 pies in this one. All types. And even a cake!]
SS09 Scene 3
Added 12/29/09    91 views

It's another episode of the gameshow 'It's Not Fair!' and contestant Liz winds up uttering that phrase a lot as she gets continually creamed. [Many shaving cream pies and self pies and Fear Factor style head dunking in a big bowl of cream!]
SS10 Scene 3
Added 12/30/09    80 views

Us folks at SlapstickStuff show our patriotism by pieing a girl in an Uncle Sam outfit. USA! USA! [Cute scene with shaving cream whipped cream and chocolate pies everywhere. Also contains pretty silly unedited footage.]
SS10 Scene 4
Added 12/30/09    81 views

Wonder Woman takes on the Cream Pie Maniac with (little) help from General Major Stevie Slap. [Many real and shaving cream pies plus incredibly bad acting and that outfit. Also contains bonus unedited versions of the best hits.]
SS11 Scene 2
Added 12/31/09    80 views

Deana takes our cornerstone 'Types Of Pies' skit to a whole new level of comedy. And messiness. [Many shaving cream pie gags and great reactions.]
SS11 Scene 3
Added 12/31/09    89 views

Suzie Sales reads her kids some Messy Mother Goose rhymes while Suzie Sales' staff gets suitable messy revenge. [Whipped cream and shaving cream pies and water. Plus the ol' cream in the bonnet gag.]
SS11 Scene 4
Added 12/31/09    110 views

Deana makes the rookie mistake of asking the SlapstickStuff Baker for some pies. Predictable results ensue. [Funny scene with shaving cream pies.]
SS12 Scene 2
Added 1/18/10    96 views

Laurel explains the various Types Of Pies and gets well covered in the process. [Many shaving cream pies and vaudeville gags.]
SS13 Scene 1
Added 1/19/10    127 views

Britney interviews to be a SlapstickStuff model and discovers the joy of getting pied over and over. [Many real and whipped cream and chocolate pies including a great sandwich!]
SS13 Scene 2
Added 1/19/10    90 views

Britney finds her talk on the various Types Of Pies keeps getting interrupted by the pies landing on her face. [Lots of shaving cream pie gags and crust coverage.]
SS13 Scene 3
Added 1/19/10    104 views

Suzie Sales decides to read some 'Messy Mother Goose' rhymes to her kids and discovers just how messy Story Time can be. [Whipped cream shaving cream chocolate and water]
SS13 Scene 4
Added 1/19/10    130 views

Britney makes up for a lost Nickelodeon Studios opportuntity by getting large quantities of SlapstickStuff slime dumped on her instead. [Four slimings including a double slime! Plus some pies and bonus 'Stuff Models Do When Photographer Leaves.']

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