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"Smoking hot wam scene recreated."
Omg, I can still recall the first time I saw the whipped cream bikini scene from varsity blues SO hot. mhop, 12/5/18
"SlapstickStuff getting sexier with a bikini and slime"
Jenny shows her sexy side in a bikini. Slime is not as much fun to me as pies so it is nice that Rich usually involves pies in his slime scenes. Jenny does a nice job of keeping her nice smile on display. Old Man, 11/1/18
"A cheerlead outfit worn by Jenny getting covered in pies is great"
One of my dream outfits worn to a slapstick event. Jenny with the great smile does cheers and allows her cheerleader outfit to get covered in pies. What could be better? Old Man, 11/1/18
"The 1960's were a great era. Nice fashions and nice slapstick."
Being a child of the sixties makes this video even more special. Love the fashion worn by Jenny. The decade where I watched the Three Stooges on a local children's show and the decade where the Great Race was released. Slapstick comedy was a mainstay of my early cultural experiences. Well done Rich and Jenny. Old Man, 11/1/18
"Jenny's take on Rich's pie in the face scenarios is very nice."
The Rich classic showing the different types of pie in the face scenarios. Jenny pulls off the scene nicely. Old Man, 11/1/18
"The look on Jenny's face as the first pie was delivered is great"
The look on Jenny's face as the first pie was being delivered is priceless. Nice dress and model with a whole lot of pie mess on them. Old Man, 11/1/18
"Capucine acts very well in this scene. Great pie coverage."
Capucine does a great job with this scene. Looks like the dress (or top) has a nice color scheme to get plastered with pies. Too bad we did not get to see the whole costume. Old Man, 10/24/18
"Good pie in the face scene in any (language) accent"
I'd learn to speak Spanish if Univision had this quality of pie in the face action more often. Good scene in any language or accent. Nice clothing and model again. Where oh where has the Pie Maniac gone? Old Man, 10/16/18
"The coverage is good."
Capucine makes a great effort. The usual pies ensue and the coverage is good. Maybe I've just gotten used to this costume revealing a little cleavage or the reactions are not as crisp but this scene is definitely worth getting. It just is not as great as the work Rich has done. Old Man, 10/16/18
"Every restauraunt customer should wear a black dress like this."
I wish every restaurant customer wore a little black dress like this one. And that every waiter in the restaurant would hit every female customer with as much enthusiasm as this waiter. Nice to see the model stand at the end so we could see how the cream fell on the entire dress. Old Man, 10/14/18
"LeTreya has a great attitude and laugh as well as a great dress."
LeTreya gets better in each of the five scenes. It really was a great pie dress and the video could only have been better if we got to see the dress from hem to neckline. LeTreya has such a great attitude and laugh. Old Man, 10/14/18
"I like wetlook as well as pies. Great mixture in this video."
LeTreya is bold to wear that low cut dress. Shows off some nice cleavage and takes the pies and water like a champ. I really like wetlook as well as pies and the dress and model looked really great after each bucket of water. I think the water might have been a little cold. Old Man, 10/14/18
"A dress you've got to love and the person wearing it pied nicely"
Really nice scene. LeTreya is much better with her lines and is a trooper throughout. The tag of gotta love this dress is very appropriate. Nice cleavage and short enough to show off those gorgeous legs. Old Man, 10/14/18
"Always Nice to See a Nice Model and Nice Dress Pied."
Always nice to see the model in a nice dress. A sexy one like this with hints of cleavage is even better. Too bad there is not a medium range view to see the whole dress before the last bit when she stands up. At least we did get to see the whole dress and all the mess. Old Man, 10/12/18
"Seeing that model and that dress messed up made my day"
Shelly's first scene tickles almost all my pie fantasies. Beautiful model. Beautiful dress. Both messed up really well. Seeing Shelly let her white dress get chocolate pies and then slime made my day. Old Man, 10/10/18
"Very confident girl, until last few moments! Hot pies and slime!"
Excellent! Such a confident and fit girl then finds herself very nervous before receiving pie, cake and slime! Great coverage over head and nice clothes. Very well taken for a first session! SpainBoy31, 10/8/18
"Very cute girl nervously takes first pie but enjoys it!"
Really nice! I love the nervousness from Cathleen before her first-ever pie. You can't beat that. By the end of it she seems to have enjoyed everything! Great to see her cute face, hair and clothes messed up! SpainBoy31, 10/8/18
"Kathleen delivers again with The Pie Maniac's help."
Kathleen continues to impress in her third scene. Nice clothing. A model who is having so much fun she cannot keep a straight face. A nice touch with the chef's hat getting so much pie that it flattens out and becomes almost invisible. And those dimples just make her such a cute model in my eyes. Old Man, 10/2/18
"Love the hat and bowtie combined with Kathleen's cute face."
Something about the scenes with bowties has always drew my attention. Add the smile and dimples of Kathleen and this scene is addictive. So much fun to see that cute face covered in pies. And the way the pie spreads when the hat is pushed down is funny. Old Man, 10/2/18
"Can you see this cutie's dimples through the pie?"
Kathleen is a super cute pie target. Love the dimples. She seemed to have fun through it all. I really enjoyed Kathleen's look and choice in clothing for this video. My only wish is for more wide angle shots to see the destruction of the clothing. But the cute face and dimples getting covered in pies is amazing. Old Man, 10/2/18
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